Sound Board


Through private one-on-one phone consulting sessions, you’ll learn how to thrive in an industry were you will never be confused again about your music. In the sessions you'll personally be advised on your artistry, song style and sound, distribution, publishing and many other aspects. If you looking for guidance or a mentor, you can rest assure that all your questions will be answered .

Recording Studio

Recording and Mixing

An experienced engineer to run the session and operate all the equipment.

Use of Pro-Tools including all the latest tools to record and create fully produced tracks. Record with confidence with full guidance from an experienced engineer who know how to get the best performance from you. Editing of vocal and instrument takes, making sure everything sounds industry standard and polished. Basic mixing & mastering to get your song sounding ready for digital release, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud etc

Recording Studio

Online Mixing and Master

If your songs are just not loud enough or you’re having trouble balancing the instruments in your song or you just can’t get the vocals to sit properly in your mix, or your drums sound a bit flat, then the answer is to have your songs mixed & mastered by our professionally trained engineerswho will have the technical knowledge and experience to get your songs sounding the way it should for commercial release. We provide an online mixing and mastering option that allows you to send in your audio stems, have them mixed and mastered and sent back to you for your approval. You can be anywhere in the world to access this option.

Artist Performing on Stage

Vocal Coaching
Includes: 2 hour Skype or iChat vocal coaching session. Send your music and an industry vocal coach will listen to your vocals and suggest a course of action for the vocal coaching session. The sessions are given with the oversight of developing your voice. First session is usually for an assessment and first stage techniques with vocal strategy for the recording studio environment and live gigs. Follow-up sessions to review progress and learn more vocal techniques. 


Playing Piano

Song Production
If you have a song idea and want to take it a step further then our industry engineer / producer will be more than happy to help you produce your songs. This includes  but not limited to music production, programming, arranging, beat making, music composing, live instruments  as well as all the technical engineering that is used to obtain all the sounds and production needed to take a song from its initial idea to finish.


Distribution & Promotion ( Release Campaign)
Sell your music on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music & many more stores having your release get the most exposure, more impact and be heard by more people which could lead to a being signed. A typical campaign lasts 6 weeks and is carefully planned from beginning to end. We will create a press release, artwork and distribute & promote your music  to all relevant press outlets and major digital stores.  We also provide streaming plays for Spotify and playlist submission to be featured on some of the biggest independent and Spotify controlled playlists and lets not forget our focus on radio submission to independent and national stations across the country.